All the details about Moto Hint, the Motorola headset

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Motorola He presented four devices at his event a few days ago. One of them captured the attention of the public since it was not a mobile phone or a Motorola smartwatch, but rather a minimalist headset device to be used with our Moto X that bears the name of Motorcycle Hint.

Seeing the first official image already made everyone talk about this headset. A small device that goes unnoticed if we carry it due to its size.

Motorcycle Hint

Motorola has already revealed all the details and all the features, where without a doubt we are left with the possibility to use it to say voice commands to our Moto X Smartphone and be able to perform activation or deactivation commands. In this way you can enter the contact list and tell someone to call us, check our social networks and many other actions.

Their technical characteristics They are;

  • 2DP 1.3
  • Hands Free (HFP) 1.6
  • AVRCP 1.4, HSP 1.2
  • Generic Audio Visual Distribution 1.2
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Autonomy: 10 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby
  • IR proximity sensor

The battery is another of its strong pointshaving great autonomy thanks to using a system of two extra charges for the same Moto Hint device.

Another detail that Motorola has thought about is its design. As no two people are the same, the Moto Hint will come in several different color models such as black, pine wood, brown, grey, dark gray or dark red.

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